Smooth Buttercream Icing

Do you know how to make buttercream icing completely smooth on a cake (especially a wedding cake)?

You're not going to believe this...

(Seriously, I was skeptical until I tried it!)

It's a technique so INGENIOUS, it may completely change the way you decorate cakes forever!

This method will allow you to quickly and easily make your buttercream icing so smooth, you'd swear it was fondant!

And, I'm not only going to tell you about it, I'm going to SHOW you exactly what this secret technique is - and how you can dramatically improve every cake you decorate from now on!

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There are many methods for making your icing
perfectly smooth. But, here's our favorite:

"The Paper Towel Method"

First, use buttercream icing and smooth out what you can with an icing spatula.

Let it dry for about 15 minutes to form a crust. (This won't work with icing that won't crust)

Then lightly place a plain paper towel (like "Viva") on the area to be smoothed and gently rub it with the palm of your hand.

The warmth of your hand will soften the icing just enough to smooth out any bumps and ridges.

You can also use a "fondant smoother" (the baker's equivalent to a drywaller's trowel) on top of the paper towel.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth the surface gets!


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For a completely different look, try using a textured or patterned paper towel on your cake.

The finished look will be completely dependent on the design of the towel.

Using your hands again, smooth the surface and gently press in the design.

With a little practice, your cake will look like it's covered in beautiful dainty lace!

NOTE: If at any time you are getting waves or mounds of icing, your icing may be too thick.

Try adding a bit of corn syrup to thin it out.

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